You may have heard mention in news recently of a serious vulnerability with WiFi called a “KRACK Attack” (Key Reinstallation Attacks)

It is being reported that this hack allows access to your network which can lead to them being able to access data on your network.

This is a very real problem that affects all WiFi and requires your urgent attention.

Please see below highly recommended actions -

Action 1 -  Turn off Wi-Fi and call Hi-Speed 02 9451 4343
Action 2 - Hide SSID or call Hi-Speed 02 9451 4343 if more security is required
Action 3 - If Hi-Speed have installed a firewall this may protect you depending on the configuration, please call Hi-Speed 02 9451 4343
Action 4 - The Wi-Fi may be part of your router and if so Hi-Speed should be able to login remotely and just turn off or hide SSID till fix is available.

This is a real threat to your network and needs to be taken seriously.

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact Hi-Speed by phone